Process HL7 and FHIR in the Cloud

Download Cloud Package

Watch the video above for details.

1. Create an Azure account and log into the Azure Portal. The free trial is fine.

2. Download and install the Integration Host. Sign up for either a 30 free trial or Development license to receive your free license number.

3. In the Azure Portal, create a storage account. Go for the cheapest option. It doesn't need to be fast.

4. Download the Integration Host Cloud Package and extract the files to a local directory.

5. Back in the Azure Portal, add a new Resource, and search for 'Cloud Service'. Add the new Cloud Service.

6. Upload the extracted package, config, and certificate files to the cloud service and wait about 10 minutes for the service to create. Ponder why you forgot to upload the certificate and do this step again (I always forget this step!).

7. Load the Integration Host Client, point it to the cloud service address (Something like Don't forget the s in https.

8. Enter your Integration Host license number that was emailed to you.

9. Create a new workflow. Make sure you use an HTTP Reciever, the port must be 22222, and you must select to use SSL. You can change these settings, but that's in part two of this tutorial. Authentication is also recommended.

10. Save and close your workflow. Now test it out. HL7 Soup is a great tool to try it out.

Part 2