Process HL7 and FHIR in the Cloud

How do you process HL7 in the Cloud

Cloud-based medical systems are quickly becoming the norm. But transferring medical data into and out of the Cloud is still a challenge for many.

I will show you how to set up a system in minutes that is reliable, secure, and flexible. You'll have a solution that can easily convert message types, transform and augment the data, send to REST and Web services, or save and retrieve data from a database.

HL7 Soup's Integration Host is easily deployed to AWS and Azure platforms, with many easy deployment options.

Tutorials that can help

We've even created tutorials that can take you step by step on how to:

Where does it run?

By deploying everything under your organization’s own AWS/Azure accounts you alone have access and control of your data. We’ll happily support you in getting your system set up and configured, but you greatly simplify your HIPAA compliance by not needing to grant third party access to PHI data.

How do I make it secure?

The great thing is that we've made it simple to keep the system secure.

Pinned SSL/TLS and Mutual Client Certificate Authentication by default for simple secured connections you can trust.

Every message is confirmed with certificates, ensuring only those granted permission can send data.

Everything is encrypted with TLS security, and the server is pinned to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

You can be confident you've got a secure connection.

How is the data transferred?

It's incredibly simple to set up as many endpoints as you need. Push through messages like HL7, FHIR, CSV, or create flexible REST services where values are passed as URL sections or query string arguments. Great for HL7 and FHIR alike.

Plus, you'll get all of Integration Host's premium features such as:

  • Easy-to-monitor Dashboard
  • Database Logging
  • Channel version history
  • Global Variables stored in a Database or Azure Vault
  • Scheduling
  • Alerts

Getting started

Better still, it will cost you nothing to try this solution. It comes with a 30-day free trial, and you'll have the option to extend to a development license that won't expire while you're preparing for production.

Chat with the team at HL7 Soup about our packages that can make HL7 in the Cloud genuinely affordable. There are packages for sites, projects, products, or just one workflow at a time. Just contact our sales department.

Next Step

Follow the links below for either Azure or AWS, and you'll get step by step instruction on how to get set up.

HL7 in AWS

HL7 in Azure