Partner Program

If you are reselling HL7 Soup workflows or are embedding HL7 Soup workflows into your product, you are invited to join our partner program. After approval of membership, you can acquire workflow integration licenses at a discounted rate for you to on-sell to your customers.

We provide three different partnering options to suit different budgets and needs:


Suits start-ups or low-volume resellers. Suits embedders that have the time to learn as they go. Includes Development license for running workflows in test/development for free.


Provides a kickstart for embedders and workflow designers. In addition to the Development License, it includes ten production licenses. Includes one on one remote meetings that put your team on the right path. Cost-effective for mid-size resellers.


Embed HL7 Soup workflows into your product with all the support and training your developer/engineers need. Get it done fast and get it done right. Provides best price no matter how many integrations you run. Extremely cost-effective for larger resellers.

Price Per Annum

Free $10,000 $30,000

Price Per Production Workflow Instance

$1,200 10 Free instances then $1200 each 30 Free instances then $1000 each

HL7 Soup Editor Licenses (for Partner)

None. 2 Professional Licenses Professional Site License

HL7 Soup Editor Licenses (for Customer) *

1 for each Integration Host with paid instances 1 for each Integration Host with paid instances 1 for each Integration Host with paid instances

Training Materials

Video Tutorials Video Tutorials, Kickstarter Meeting Video Tutorials, Kickstarter Meeting

Workflow Design Support/Training **

$200 Per Hour 5 Hours Included, then $200 Per Hour 40 Hours Included, then $200 Per Hour

Embedding developer support

$200 Per Hour 5 Hours Included, then $200 Per Hour Unlimited

* HL7 Soup can be installed on the same computer as the Integration Host running licensed workflow instances at your customer’s location. An additional customer license for HL7 Soup is provided if the customer runs two or more workflow instances.

** Support and training for your staff only. Resellers must handle their own customer support requests, but we can help your team.

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