Welcome to HL7 Soup V3.5

What's new?

Version 3.5 is a feature rich update which will streamline your experience in HL7 Soup Editor and Integration Host.

  • Added support for HL7 2.9

  • Significantly improved the performance of the HTTP receiver (5x faster on high throughput connections)

  • Workflows can now be hosted in azure app services and called via HTTP. Available in the Azure App Store.

  • Notifications in running workflows. Allows messages to be displayed on the Dashboard from the workflow. This could indicate key values, show errors, or assist debugging. Alerts can also be triggered by Notifications, so emails are sent to administrators. Notification alerts use the notification text. Some system errors also take advantage of this feature.

  • Integration Host Client now store a server history to easily switch between servers

  • Added Workflow History to Integration Host allowing previous versions of workflows to be viewed and restored.

  • Added ability to change connection client certificate.

  • Added UI for selecting certificates from the computer’s user certificates store.

  • Changed where Client Certificates are retrieved for the certificate store. If the app is running as a service, then it will use the Computer certificate store. If it is running in a Windows application (I.E. HL7 Soup editor), it will use Current User Certificate store.

  • Added settings to hide the popups in the Editor when clicking with HL7. You can adjust them by adding files (HideDataTablePopup.txt and HideEditorInlinePopup.txt) that contain the word “True” into the directory C:\ProgramData\Popokey\SharedSettings

  • The Directory Scanner no longer loads the full file into memory. Makes loading large files much faster, and there is no longer a pause before processing starts.

  • Added support for CSV files that use just Line Feeds as the line separator.

  • Added support for CSV files that have quotes containing CR or LF without breaking the line.

  • UI added to CSV Directory Scanner for selection of different Line separators.

  • Removed OPTIMIZE_FOR_SEQUENTIAL_KEY from create message log tables as it only worked for SQL 2019 or later.

  • Added System variable icon to receiver specific variables PostExecutionFilter, DirectoryScannerFileName, and HttpMethod.

  • Added new system variable to the HTTP receiver called ClientIP. This returns the ip address of the sender. It may be IPV4 or IPV6 depending on the network card used.

  • Added a button to the Enter License Number dialog in Integration Host client to allow redirection to a different server.

  • Slowed the Invalid license error message when refreshing the workflow list to once a minute to prevent error message spamming.

  • Allowed Web service WSDL files to be provided as files. Previously only http addresses worked.

  • Improved Recognition: If a CSV is separated by LF, but has a CRLF at the very end of the document, the document loader now recognises that the separator is LF and not CRLF. Improves multiline data in CSV.

  • Fixed Bug: Improved the CSV parsing. The old one failed with strings like oneone,"twoleft""tworight",threethree

  • double quotes can be included in the message

  • Fixed Typo: Notes in the Timer Receiver had repeated text.

  • Fixed bug: Workflow execution count could be inaccurate under very fast processing of large files. Particularly, missing counts triggered after stopping finalised processing. This did not impact processing of documents and no messages were ever lost, just the counts were wrong. Also, this was only discovered under heavy load/volumes that were probably not achievable on the previous versions.

  • Fixed bug: Cannot remove values added to the data tables.

  • Fixed bug: Database parameters that bound to text and variables would show as invalid when the workflow is reloaded. This didn’t impact the runtime, but made it harder to edit.

  • Fixed bug: Validation error for Conditional Transformers when the workflow reloaded and the compare from value was Text or Variables. Didn’t impact designer or runtime, but was visually misleading.

  • Fixed bug: Error when cloning workflows that have filters that don’t have ToActivity bindings.

  • Fixed bug: Directory scanner didn’t restart watching for new files after a network outage when the directory path was a URI pointing to another computer.

  • Fixed bug: Direct activity bindings loses connection when cloning.

  • Fixed bug: When pasting 1000+ items into a lookup table, where validation must highlight many errors, it hangs (or takes ages).

  • Fixed bug: Error when changing Integration Host Instance Name.

  • Fixed bug: Loading configurator from Host Client now requests elevation on machines that require it.

Take a look at the release notes for a full comprehensive list of changes.

Download HL7 Soup Editor V3.5 Here

Download Integration Host V3.5 Here

Please post any questions you might have to our support page.