Welcome to HL7 Soup V3.4

What's new?

Version 3.4 is a major update in features and performance:

  • Massive performance gains when Sending and Receiving messages.

  • Saving HL7 Files in the Editor is now much faster – especially if you have many messages in the messages list.

  • Integration Host Client now uses ~90% less CPU. It wasn’t very high, to begin with, but it all helps.

  • Added the Timer Receiver. Used to trigger other activities to poll for values to start a workflow.

  • SQL logging of messages for Integration Host allows for a long term history of millions of records.

  • Lookup tables provide a simple mapping/conversion between values in Integration Host. Also, there’s a new simplified Remove or Replace of characters.

  • Global Variables for Integration Host. These are stored in the file system or message logging database. You can cache in memory for performance, or without, allow other systems to interact with the values in real-time.

  • Import and Export activity transformers. Allows transformers to be copied from one activity to another with their bindings remapped automatically.

  • The HL7 Soup Editor revamped interaction between the Messages List and the Editor to try and make a more flowing user experience when deleting messages or opening new tabs.

  • Integrations can now be started and stopped with a button rather than using the right-click options.

  • Improved handling for JSON messages. New support for JSON with multiple root properties or arrays in the root. Plus, much faster JSON message processing.

  • Added the option to write out Text files with a header, just like CSV’s. Also definable message separators (line, whole document, or character).

  • TCP Senders can now select timeout, and if they want to keep the TCP connection open between messages

  • Integration Host now has a floating HL7 path when the mouse moves over an HL7 Message in the logs.

  • Integration Host workflows can now be cloned from the right-click menu.

  • + Many more features and bug fixes

Take a look a the look at the release notes for the full list of changes

Download HL7 Soup Editor V3.4 Here

Download Integration Host V3.4 Here

Please post any questions you might have to our support page.