Welcome to HL7 Soup V3.3

What's new?

Version 3.3 is focused on polish. We've added no major feature in this release. Instead, we've focused on the small things that make our product so simple to use. There will be a little something for everybody here:

  • Added support for HL7 2.7.1, 2.8, and 2.8.2.

  • The message count tooltip in HL7 Soup editor now shows the percentage of filtered records as well as the count.

  • Added “Insert Sample Message” option when right clicking on a receiver’s message template. Three sample HL7 messages are available.

  • Allowed files to be dragged into message templates and populated with the file.

  • Allowed Message Templates to be populated by opening a file from the context menu

  • Added Padding with Zero’s to the formatting options for bindings and variables. Allows Id’s to be easily padded with 0’s

  • Allowed CSV header to be easily appended when writing out CSV files.

  • Allowed CSV headers to not be processed with a simple checkbox rather than needing to use filters

  • The delimiter for CSV messages can now be altered with directory scanners. Yeah, still called CSV as it’s something familiar to users.

  • Added support for Certificate Authentication on the HTTP and Web Service senders.

  • Allow finer control over Proxies for the HTTP and Web Service senders.

  • Allow Headers to be added to HTTP senders. This applied to the Senders and Receivers version. Only the Receivers version supports bound values.

  • Allow timeout to be adjusted for HTTP and Web Service senders.

  • Added buttons for New Workflow and Refresh Logs to Integration Host client. They are such frequent functions that the right click option was too cumbersome. Custom dashboards do not need to implement if they don’t want to.

  • The external workflow designer used by Integration Host now support creating workflows of different types. E.g. http, tcp, directory scan. Removes a step on creation and makes things more obvious for beginners.

  • Added ability to test Alert Emails from the settings dialog

  • Updated UI to allow to hide connection settings for HTTP and Web Service senders other than the URL. Mostly you don’t change these, and they were taking up a top-of-page location.

  • Workflow Designer Message Logs are now clickable. If an HL7 message is clicked in the logs, the current path is highlighted in Message Template, the Binding Tree, and Transformers. For instance, open an activities Transformers, then clicking on a faulty binding value in the logs will automatically highlight any transformer that refers to that field.

  • Directory Scanners now have options on how to handle errors. Unlike other receivers, they cannot reply back that there was an error. You can now choose to retry (previous functionality), move to another directory, delete, or halt the workflow.

  • Directory scanner move to paths support using variables in the path. Allows the move to path to change depending on date for instance.

  • Made the export workflow filename use the workflow pattern name rather than the first activity name as the default.

  • Allowed the connection string in the database sender to accept variables and binding values. The database receiver cannot as it executes before any variables are populated.

  • Allowed the connection string in the database sender and reader to be set in the app.config. Use the connection string format “config=ConnectionName”.

  • Made the option to “Add message to current list” only available to receivers when running in the HL7 Soup Editor, not Integration Host where it is not relevant.

  • Made the date format "yyyyMMddHHmmssffff" accepted as a valid date.

  • The autogenerated hl7 message that is generated now only includes the last line of the exception. This keeps the message valid and allows exceptions thrown in code activities and transformers to be included in the message returned without the need for manually setting.

  • The Set Variable transformer now allows multi-line text in the sample variable value.

  • Made CSV bindings use the same green as other bindings.

  • Made Bindings and variables show as bold italics to make them more obviously bindings.

  • Variables now highlight correctly when inside a value of JSON or an attribute in XML.

  • In auto generated ACK messages, if the MSH-9.3 is included in the inbound message, this value is replaced with “ACK” to because the message format will now be that of ACK.

  • Improved performance when opening messages with long lines of text. Such as PDF’s embedded in an OBX-5. HL7 Soup editor and Message Logs. The message now has a visual truncation but still copies and sends as usual.

  • Made changing the message type in receivers update the binding tree. If the message type was changed in the text the binding tree showed the wrong structure.

  • Allowed the Directory Scanners “Move to directory” so be set with variables, allowing backups to be placed into directories determined by the workflow variables.

  • Fixed Bug where the message type would change on an activity if the message type was set to Text and the user navigated to the transformers, while the message was actually JSON. The auto message type detector reset the user selected Text message type to JSON.

  • Fixed bug that caused JSON Paths to show red even though they were valid.

  • Fixed bug that made JSON Paths look blue in in binding like database parameters.

  • Updated Sample messages. They original were supposed to reflect actual data found on the web and continued their flaws. However spelling errors like “Willian” just make HL7 Soup look like it needed proof reading. Also, in message 5 the message format has been changed to |^~\&. This was a test for systems, but it probably just confuses newbies. The date in message 9 is now of valid format rather than “20020131063 000”. The changes are for new installations only, if you want to update existing systems, delete %appdata%\hl7soup\sample hl7 messages.txt

  • Fixed bug that could cause the Directory Scanner to error under heavy load. It was a very rare threading issue that would halt the Integration Host service once every month or so.

  • Fixed bug in File Writer. The directory check now occurs for every file as the directory path could be constructed by a variable. Previously the directory was only created before the variables were fully populated.

  • Fixed bug when reprocessing a message log. It would sometimes resend the last activities message, not the received one.

  • Fixed the "Are you sure you wish to delete the workflow" message from the receiver combo as it wasn't using the workflow name, just the setting name.

  • Fixed Installers not detecting missing .net 4.7.1

  • Fixed bug where workflow designer loaded in Integration Host could send logs to HL7 Soup with right click option

  • Fixed bug that caused the workflow to halt after a disabled activity.

  • Fixed bug that errors in transformers didn’t state the error belonged to the correct transformer. It always said the first transformer had errored.

  • Prevented null ref error when stopping an http receiver that previously failed to start.

  • Improved error logging if an activity has corrupt XML or JSON to include the corrupted message in the workflow logs. Also provided suggestions as to what the problem is.


Download V3.3 Here

Please post any questions you might have to our support page.