Featured Case Study

Discover how HL7 Soup Integration Host revolutionized the healthcare data management for an ACO (Accountable Care Organization) within two weeks.

Challenged with the complex integration of electronic health records, the customer grappled with disparate systems that slowed processing, duplications, and expensive healthcare processes. HL7 Soup provided a robust, secure, and scalable solution that bridged these systemic gaps. Leveraging industry standards, HL7 and FHIR, the Integration Host connected applications, devices, and medical systems rapidly, providing an intuitive interface for efficient workflow management.

It further minimized the need for additional coding with its drag-and-drop functionality, thus saving on cost and time. With minimal human intervention required, HL7 Soup Integration Host enabled our ACO client to focus on their core mission - patient care.

How can HL7 Soup work for you?

Software Development with HL John Redwood, Developer

Our software company works with the medical industry.  We need to receive an HL7 feed of patient appointments, and provide a response from our application.

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HL7 Standards Communication Jane Anderson, Manager

I manage infrastructure in a hospital.  We sent out a RFP to upgrade our HIS system and I need to ensure the new system will work with our existing infrastructure.

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Professional HL7 Integrations Mark Smith, Integrator

I'm a professional HL7 integrator. I'm certainly familiar with HL7, but every version has its own rules, and I need to show a level of comprehension beyond...

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Educational HL7 Software Alice Jones, Beginner

I've never worked with HL7 before, and the learning curve looks steep.  I really need a way to learn about the messages without spending days...

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