HL7 Viewer and Editor

Would you like to view HL7® messages* quicker than ever before? HL7 Soup will parse your HL7 messages, then interpret them for you. This unique feature provides you a view of your message from many angles, granting you the ability to easily find what you are after.

Download the 30 Day Free Trial and give it a try.

Notice how all the views track where you click within your HL7 message, and provide you everything at your fingertips. You can have commonly used fields always highlighted so they are easy to find, you can even control this highlighting with criteria, so it only shows when a threshold is reached.

Traditionally, HL7 dates are almost unreadable by humans, so HL7 Soup converts them to your local date format automatically. If you are editing your HL7 messages, you even get a calendar to help make your changes. But it is more than just providing the best editing experience, it’s also important that message corruptions are identified at a glance. For that reason, HL7 Soup validates your HL7 messages in real-time, bringing any errors to your attention immediately. You can find out more by taking a look at our tutorial video on Highlighting, validating, and comparing HL7 messages.

If you are working with multiple messages at a time, then the HL7 Soup viewer is the ideal software for filtering down to exactly what you need. Filter with criteria to find a selection of messages, then update just the messages that require changing. HL7 Soup is the only HL7 viewer that shows the editor UI along with all the HL7 messages at the same time. It makes for a much easier editing experience when you can jump about between messages easily. You can even shift selected messages to another tab for a focused view that won’t impact on your original list of messages.

If you would like to know more about the features that HL7 Soup provides, then take a look at our features page here.

* HL7® Messaging includes the three HL7 Standards of HL7® V2, HL7® V3, and FHIR®.

How can HL7 Soup work for you?

Software Development with HL John Redwood, Developer

Our software company works with the medical industry.  We need to receive an HL7 feed of patient appointments, and provide a response from our application.

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HL7 Standards Communication Jane Anderson, Manager

I manage infrastructure in a hospital.  We sent out a RFP to upgrade our HIS system and I need to ensure the new system will work with our existing infrastructure.

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Professional HL7 Integrations Mark Smith, Integrator

I'm a professional HL7 integrator. I'm certainly familiar with HL7, but every version has its own rules, and I need to show a level of comprehension beyond...

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Educational HL7 Software Alice Jones, Beginner

I've never worked with HL7 before, and the learning curve looks steep.  I really need a way to learn about the messages without spending days...

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